Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Elfie brought good news this morning!
We were hoping Julia and Audrey made the "Nice List", but it was great to have confirmation. They talked about going to bed by 7 pm all day long. So around 6:45 they went to sprinkle reindeer food outside. Reindeer food, in case you aren't aware, consists of oatmeal and glitter.
They also hung up these fancy snowflakes that Meme and Pop gave them. The snowflakes light up to help guide Santa to your home. This is extra important if you've changed addresses since his last delivery. 
You can't really see the snowflakes, but they're hanging from eye hooks at the top of the porch. Mommy is such a great photographer than instead of getting a picture when both snowflakes are lit up (they blink), she wound up getting several pictures where neither of them are lit. They really are blinking - PROMISE! - even several hours later as I type this. 
Santa's snack tonight includes store bought sugar cookies and homemade (by Matt) boiled custard. They girls also put another snack (carrots) out for the reindeer.
Going to bed at 7 didn't actually happen. We played a little GO FISH instead.
Then they headed to bed... except they ran to the wrong bed thinking sweet smiles could get them what they wanted.  They were mistaken. :)
15 minutes after getting in their own beds, they were arguing loudly. Instead of yelling, Mommy decided to pull up a Santa Tracker.  He was in Ireland and would soon be crossing the Atlantic Ocean!!! Julia and Audrey didn't make a peep after that information was discovered!

Good Night! 
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas

10. Required by mom picture in a sleigh
9. Attend a Christmas parade and a local Living Christmas Tree
8.  Visit with Santa
 7. Decorate Christmas cookies
 6. Sing Christmas songs at church
5. Themed breakfasts - Christmas trees made with waffles and sausage
4. BB gun practice - not Christmasy, but Mommy and Daddy got a 9mm for Christmas & the girls took a new interest in shooting. 
 3. Class Christmas parties (Julia even "bought" presents for us with money she'd earned from her AR points... she was so excited and proud! Mommy got a scarf and perfume. Daddy got a light for his key chain and some candy. Audrey received bubbles and a DIY sun catcher, and Julia got herself a fancy pen.)
Audrey's class brought $1 presents to exchange in a 1st grade version of dirty Santa. 
2. Be super excited ALL MONTH LONG
1. Make gingerbread house(s)...
 ...and eat them too!
Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More visitors!

Just 3 days after Mammy left, we had Meme, Pop, and Eli drive in! We Love Visitors!
We had to take a picture of Elsa, Olaf, and Elsa  :)
And a visit to the Falls is always fun on a nice day.
We've also always loved a reason to eat outside around the fire pit.
And since it was late October, spider webs were made for snack.
Thanks for visiting, Meme and Pop!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A visit from Mammy!!!!

Sometimes a girl just needs a visit from her momma!