Friday, May 25, 2012

Shut up and stop whining

I'm tempted to do a whole blog post whining about the root canal that was started on me yesterday but won't be finished until next Thursday. However, I've told myself several times yesterday and today to "shut up and stop whining" so instead I'll count some blessings and post videos. :)

421. Imagining the girls' reactions if they heard the title of this post. "ooooh. Mommy said the 'S' word!
422. Last day of school for Julia! I get my baby back all summer! In fact, thanks to a new Alabama law I get her for an extra week.
423. Julia being excited for her daddy/daughter date to the Mobile Baybears game tonight.
424. The new city splashpad that just opened about 1 mile away from us! Audrey and I plan on checking it out tonight while Julia and Matt are at the game.
425. Matt taking pictures and videos of Audrey's performance last week at preschool graduation. I missed it because I was getting my K-4's in their caps and gowns while Audrey's class performed.
426. Both my girls loved their teachers for the year. Here is Audrey with Ms. Jenny.
427. Sweet notes and gifts from my pre-k's. The girls loved my flowers.
428. A 4 year old with a very active imagination.
429. A summer "to do" list I made for me and the girls! I want plenty of down time, but I don't want to get in a TV rut!
430. Videos of my girlies: Audrey performing "White Flag" on stage at church after her program last weekend.

And then there's Julia performing the song from her graduation program. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My sweet little Julia graduated from Kindergarten yesterday. She's had a great year, one of new beginnings and lots of learning, and we were thrilled to celebrate with her and her friends!
Post Ceremony:
Julia and her teacher -
Julia and her friend, Kaelyn. Matt chaperoned Julia's school trip to the zoo this week, and he came home mentioning how these 2 favored each other. We laughed when they showed up wearing similar dresses.
This little boy, Jared, is Julia's crush. Don't tell her I told you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Redneck safety?

We like to run around barefoot in the rain... with helmets.

Field Day 2012

Julia did great! She was very involved and complained very little about all the sweating!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Daddy/Daughter Date time!

Forget the Prom pictures people have been Facebooking, Daddy/Daughter dates are way better! :)
Audrey's been looking forward to this date for a few weeks. Her first words this morning were "I want starbursts." It took me a few minutes to realize she meant Starbucks, the place they'd already discussed going.