Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Break Fun

What happens when you spend most of your playground time perfecting the art of jumping out of the swing?

Well, you mess up, land face first, and encourage a loose tooth to come on out! Audrey's very first tooth to lose!! Mark the date - October 10, 2014! You can see that it needed to come on out since that adult tooth is pushing up already back there. After much discussion, she also decided that she wanted to hang on to her tooth until after Meme, Pop, and Mammy see it when they visit the next 2 weekends. The note below is the note she left for the tooth fairy. 

Her note to the Tooth Fairy worked, and she didn't make the tooth/money exchange last night. I know you were worried...

Today, we decided to hike to Little Falls again - this time with Matt along! The water wasn't nearly as cold as I was expecting, and I wish I'd brought them a change of clothes so they could have gotten completely in the water! Oh well. We still had fun!
 They had plenty of fun climbing on rocks, skipping rocks, and attempting to catch minnows. Audrey even worked on a leaf dam to trap them, but (shockingly!) it didn't work.
Happy Fall, Y'all!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How was September?

(Apologies in advance for weird spacing issues. I don't know what's going on and would rather watch old episodes of Cheers on Netflix than attempt to fix it!)

* We had a couple of friends from Alabama come visit over the long Labor Day weekend! Love Kayli and Braeden!

* We spent more time outside thanks to cooler weather!

* I got a sweet sister picture
* We bought a basketball goal.
Although Julia has a pretty good shot, basketball tends to involve sweating and since she despised all the sweating her PALMS did holding cheerleading pom poms in previous years, her basketball playing will be done only at home where she can quit at the first inkling of perspiration. Audrey, on the other hand, will be playing ball this winter! She's excited, and we've all been outside practicing with her lately.

* Julia got a bad grade
Our stereotypical firstborn cried over a bad Reading test grade this week... and by 'cried' I mean sobbed hysterically for 45+ minutes... and by 'bad test grade' I mean a 'B'.

* We surprised the girls by having a few of their friends sleep over Friday night. They didn't know about it until people pulled into the driveway.

*We made and ate Unicorn Poop.
What can I say? I was bored Saturday.