Saturday, October 30, 2010

You call this a photo shoot?

Our apartment complex trick or treated tonight. The girls were so excited beforehand that we went outside and (literally) ran up and down the sidewalks during a good chunk of the 5 o'clock hour. They needed to let off some energy and it didn't hurt to get them away from the house during a not so pretty Florida football game that Matt was watching.

Like most moms of preschoolers, I just had to take pictures of the girls in costume.

After we trick or treated at just 5 apartments (people we knew AND knew where they lived) we headed back to the house to hand out candy. The girls did a great job taking turns passing out the sweet stuff, but then a few adults decided to act like morons and go out of their way to scare us as we answered the door. Jerks. After that neither girl wanted to answer the door anymore, but Julia did make this sign for me to put up.

It's still hanging there even though we haven't had anyone knock for hours. Take that, crazy folk!

Parties 2 & 3

Our preschool fall party was Wednesday! The girls had a good time playing with their friends, and Julia loved eating lunch with her Daddy! Audrey could have eaten lunch with him too, but she was weirded out that she'd have to sit at a different table than the one she'd been at for snack. After a near meltdown, Audrey wound up sitting with her friends and just got a couple of visits from Matt during lunch. We didn't dress up for this party, but we enjoyed the games.

Schoolwork from Thursday: Audrey's works are the Rainbow Fish and the happy jack o'lantern. Julia's are the sad jack o'lantern and the fingerpainting.

The party at our apartment complex was today. I volunteered with concessions while Matt hung out with the girls. He snapped a few shots of the girls attempting to hula hoop. The apartment complex is trick or treating tonight, but I don't think we'll participate other than just handing out candy here. The girls already have enough sweets, and we have the festival at church tomorrow night.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The first Halloween party

The library hosted a Fall Festival tonight, and I was excited that I didn't have to cook dinner. While enjoying my cold hotdog at the festival, I realized that all 4 of the parties we'll be attending this week will be serving hotdogs... boiled hotdogs... joy. Part of me would rather cook.

Anyways. There was a pretty mega crowd for this shindig, but the trunk or treat people were generous with the candy so it all evened out. :)

Check out Tinkerbell and Ariel - nice smiles, ha!

I've got a few more photos that aren't loading for some reason. I'll try again tomorrow or Thursday.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Faves from Amy's registry

I was checking out my sis-in-law's baby registry today and found myself "oohing" and "aahing" over a number of items. I thought I'd mention some of my favorites on here just because talking baby stuff never seems to get old to me!

1. Gowns - a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. - and they'll be even cuter with little baby feet kicking inside them. The white one with all the sports stuff on it is sweet as can be!

2) Bumbo - So useful, we used it for playtime, dinnertime, and bathtime.

3) Boppy - Forget baby use, I just got rid of ours a few months ago when we moved. I used it to sit in the bed and very comfortably work my puzzle books. Plus, don't you just love how Boppy's come in so many cutie pie designs??

4. Diapers - What can I say?? I'm a practical kind of gal.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Usually when a 2 year old barks orders at her dad she is ignored/reprimanded. However, if she yells, "You come here NOW! Mommmy throw up. Come on!" then the order is immediately obeyed.

Yeah, food poisoning kicked my butt last night. I'm hoping to feel more and more human as the day progresses.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Meme!

Monday, October 18, 2010

About our week

Are these 2 not the prettiest 2 girls you've ever seen??
What sweet smiles as we left for church Sunday morning.

And, wow, the stylish bows just make this photo even better.

In case you're wondering, I most definitely DID allow her to go to church like that. I pick my battles, and the hairbow battle is not one I wage often. I'm just glad she was wearing a hairband in her hair. Audrey's hair is really thin and still short, but it can get poofy. Can you say "blonde 'fro"?

Speaking of Audrey, she's been having a hard time taking naps lately. I guess she thinks she's too big, and knowing that big sis is just "resting" (i.e. watching TV in Mommy/Daddy's room) doesn't help. I can usually get her to go to sleep if I bring her in my room and take a nap with her (did this today!) but sometimes I don't lay down with her and this happens...

She starts falling asleep at the dinner table! This was Friday (I think) and she would open her eyes to take a bite then close them while she chewed. Then she'd sway, nod off for a split second, jerk up awake enough to grab another bite, and start the process over again.

Since Matt and I chuckled at Audrey's picture with food hanging out of her mouth, Julia just had to have one taken of her too.

And just so you know what the favorite breakfast has been this week...

cinnamon toast with sprinkles

alot of sprinkles

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Check out the latest post of a high school friend of mine. We don't see each other often, but the mere mention of her name always brings a smile to my face and a flood of great memories. Jennifer is one special person!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

rides, rides, rides

Fun times with Meme and Pop (although, unfortunately, Meme and Pop are in none of my pics.)

The girls refused to look at the camera while they were in the air. In fact, they went out of their way to look away from me.

Ahhh, here we go with some smiles!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday at the Farm

Audrey's classmate had a birthday party at a local farm this weekend. The 3 of us girls had so much fun at this party!!

Our farm tour included petting/holding the animals.
Julia liked this. She held a chick and a full size bunny, and she petted a mini donkey, mini horse, etc.

Audrey did not. I think I might have forced her hand onto 1 animal's fur, but it was against her will! :)

Our farm tour also included feeding the animals.

Julia liked this. (Once she got used to it, that is - haha!)

Audrey did not. She stood back and watched.

Finally, our farm tour even included riding an animal.
Julia liked this.



Thursday, October 7, 2010

This & That Thursday

* My apologies to Amy, she had requested I take more time and post regularly but apparently I haven't posted in a week now! Time just flew - Sorry!

* Matt's month long bad cold developed into pneumonia. He's still really tired and sleeping alot, but in general feels a little better. Antibiotics were started Monday.

* Meme and Pop are here!!! Matt's parents drove in Monday afternoon. The girls played hookie from pre-k the rest of the week to spend time with them.

Meme helped Julia try on her brand new Arial costume.

Audrey had already received a new Tinkerbell costume from my mom, but Meme "just had" to add this cute hair accessory to go with it.

This is Tinkerbell flying.

* Audrey's hair can be pretty funny when she wakes up in the morning.

* We stuffed Dalmatian puppies this week. This was from a preschool activity that they missed while at home. Guess what the girls calls their dogs? 'Dalmatian' and 'Dalmatian puppy'. Creative, huh?

* Meme's birthday is in 2 weeks. Since we don't live close enough to see her on her birthday we decided to have a party tonight. We had cupcakes, crepe paper (pink of course), squawkers, birthday plates, party hats, and candles! Woohoo! I wish I'd gotten a picture of Meme blowing out her candles, but my memory card was full. Perhaps I can get a picture tomorrow. I'm sure we'll chow down on leftover cupcakes then!