Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Showing of schoolwork

OK so this hormonal pregnant lady notified me tonight that she didn't like me having this new part time job b/c I haven't been posting as much. Honestly, I've been in a little rut for a month or 2 now. There just never seems to be anything new to say. I typically just resort to posting about my kids, and since the majority of the people that read this blog are family then that's fine! Besides, I'm planning on printing out this blog before too long so I definitely want scrapbook type stuff in it to help the 4 of us Bowman's remember these precious times. (Cue the sappy music.)

Check out my new refrigerator decoration. Aren't they too cute? What a precious smile on Audrey!

Audrey's still not talking at preschool. However, Mrs. Grace said that Audrey's personality did start to shine during music time today. While Audrey doesn't want to talk at preschool, she has decided she'll sing (loudly) for them!

The next few pictures are just some shots of schoolwork that they've done. Sometimes I grab the camera before I start tossing it in the trash. Please don't think less of me b/c I'm throwing the majority of their work away. If we kept it all we would already be snowed under with schoolwork and it's only week 3! In both pictures, Julia's work is on the top row and Audrey's the bottom.

Until tomorrow... YES! I'll be posting 2 days in a row! ... Have a great midweek!

Oh! And by the way... When I started off this post with "hormonal pregnant lady" I of course meant "best, most fabulous sister-in law EVER!!!"


  1. YAY for new blog posts!!! And I appreciate you clarifying at the end of the blog...nice touch.

  2. I agree with Amy! Keep the posts/pictures coming!! We enjoy them! Could never get tired of hearing and seeing what the 4 of you are up to, especially since we don't get to see you in person very much.

  3. There's another hormonal pregnant lady here that was missing your posts too!! :o) Glad to see you back!