Monday, August 16, 2010

Starting preschool

I got the girls ready this morning, but left while they were finishing up breakfast. I needed to get to school early and didn't really want to rush them too much on this first day of school. It's not like bringing them was out of Matt's way! ;) (Our preschool is at the church where he works.)

Thanks Matt for manning the camera this morning!
A photo as they get ready to head out the door...

Another photo before they head out the door...
Audrey's thinking "Come on, DADDY!"

Don't they look adorable in backpacks?
No answers necessary, I know they do!

Walking down the hallway...

First Activities:
Julia - puzzles

Audrey - playdoh
So how did the first day actually go??

Julia made friends easily. The one child she took the most liking to today was the child that was driving me the most crazy! :) Funny how that happens.

I was told by Audrey's teacher that she didn't talk today. When spoken to she would just grin. Goodness knows she had plenty of words to say at home about preschool. Her first words when I asked how she liked preschool were, "I pee my panties at preschool." So you can guess what I've been stressing about since then. (Valerie, you stress?? what?? NO!) Perhaps tomorrow she'll be able to come home in the same clothes she went to school in, AND perhaps Audrey will say a few words to her teacher!

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