Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More visitors!

Just 3 days after Mammy left, we had Meme, Pop, and Eli drive in! We Love Visitors!
We had to take a picture of Elsa, Olaf, and Elsa  :)
And a visit to the Falls is always fun on a nice day.
We've also always loved a reason to eat outside around the fire pit.
And since it was late October, spider webs were made for snack.
Thanks for visiting, Meme and Pop!

Monday, November 10, 2014

A visit from Mammy!!!!

Sometimes a girl just needs a visit from her momma!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

October worries turned to blessings

My problem with anxiousness climbed for a good portion of October, but has leveled off the last several weeks.
Thank Goodness.
Here's a positive spin on my thoughts and a continuation of "1000 blessings" that I started several years ago.

421.  My worries have encouraged me to cherish small moments with the girls more. I might be hyperventilating at times, but I'm also taking the time to frequently hug my kids tight, smell the (usually) sweet scent of their hair, listen wholeheartedly to jokes that aren't funny, and force frequent kisses on their faces whether they like it or not.
422.  I've gotten to volunteer in Audrey's class several times over the last 2 months. I love getting to know her teacher and friends! One week we decorated pumpkins.

Audrey named her pumpkin 'Natalie' (the same name as the little girl sitting next to Audrey in the first picture.) They also wrote stories about their pumpkins and displayed them in the library.

423. That Audrey's biggest problem in life is this:
We awoke this morning to these signs all over the house. Apparently, she can't find her sticker album.

424. Matt getting to join us for Audrey's class Halloween party.
425. I've got a mother-in-law who is a great listener and encourager. My sweet Audrey insisted on walking up and down the hallway hugging me as I talked on the phone with Jimmie Kay. I *might* have been crying a little.
426. My sweet Julia actually hugging me when I saw her at school one day. I wish I had a picture with her and her friends, but then I really would have embarrassed the child. :)
427. A much needed visit from my mom 1 weekend
428. A much needed visit from Danny, Jimmie Kay, and Eli just a few days later (Pictures of both visits coming soon)
429. The feeling of comfort I get when I see my new states hanging on the wall.

And the last blessing that we're counting for today:
430. Getting to see Audrey present a recent project in class.