Monday, August 20, 2012

1st day of school!

Happy 1st day of First Grade!!!
And here's my sweet preschooler! K-4!
 As you can see, Audrey had a run in with blue toothpaste this morning. I could have changed her clothes, but since I'm not interested in making a good first impression with her teacher - I decided it could air dry. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Summer

Perhaps the routine of the school year will also have me blogging more often than I did this summer. Perhaps not. We shall see.

Julia had her hair cut this week. She thinks it is super short now! As we ate dinner that night she said, "This is my first dinner with my short haircut!" - a milestone for sure!
And, because I can't take a picture of one without the other hamming it up...
Audrey went to children's choir for the first time Wednesday. They don't meet all year, just in the fall to prepare for a Christmas musical. You can see they were working hard. :)
We made countdown to school chains. Tomorrow is the big day! Julia met her teacher, Mrs. Byrd, last week. As for Audrey's teacher, well... that would be me.  I'm thrilled to have her with me this last year she has in preschool. 
 Sorry for the lack of clothes Audrey has on in the picture above and below.  It happens.