Friday, April 27, 2012

Blessings 411-420

411. Making Julia's "biggest dream" come true last night, we ate out... at Olive Garden. 412. Thanks to a gift card and a coupon, we paid less than $10 for our dinner out. Matt's flying to Kansas for the weekend to talk with the other half of the mission team for his summer trip to Spain. Before he left, the girls had to get some snuggle time in with him. I snapped a picture of blessing 413 - snuggle time
414. Audrey's pink eye in the picture isn't the dreaded "pinkeye". It's allergies and is bothering me 200 times more than it's bothering her. 415. Sweet husband - Matt took Julia to school this morning and ran a few errands before heading to the airport. On his way out of town, he stopped back by the house JUST because he forgot to kiss me goodbye. 416. Extra help preparing my 10 preschooler's scrapbooks this year. I'm heading up to church in a few minutes to take advantage of that extra help! 417. Audrey's excited to spend the afternoon at church. I've bribed her by agreeing to take along a Barbie movie we checked out of the library. 418. Beautiful spring weather this past week! 419. A new bike for the girls. 420. Audrey's goodnight kisses that often turn into a make out session. Man, that girl makes me laugh. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Jesus is the reason for the season, but we've enjoyed all the other stuff too.
Egg hunt #1 was at each girls' school. This is egg hunt #2.

We picked a good number of blackberries yesterday. Momma loves free fruit! Julia, Matt, and I are eating them up. Audrey tried one and said she wasn't eating any more until she's an adult.

Egg hunt #3 was just after dark. Neat in theory, not so great in practice. Big crowd + intentional separation of parent and child + dark = very uncomfortable mom for a couple of minutes. We will not be repeating that event.

What is this child going to be like when she's 16?

Easter goodies! Thanks, Grands, for all the candy!

Cadbury eggs for breakfast makes me either the best mom ever or the worst.

More posing. I let the girls pick out their clothes for this morning. I found it amusing that Julia picked a dress Meme gave us and Audrey picked one from Mammy. No grandmother left behind! Please note that Audrey DOES have nice sandals to wear with her clothes, but she really wanted to wear the 3+ year old Hannah flip flops. I have issues with all the hype regarding Easter attire so AK's flip flops were just fine with me!

They posed with their new bibles.

Saving my favorite picture for last...

Happy Easter!