Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day for the Bowman family wasn't quite what we were expecting. The girls were looking forward to class parties, and Matt and I were planning on a lunch date while they were in school.  Julia came down with the stomach flu early Thursday morning, though, and very much needed Friday (Valentine's Day) to recover. So only Audrey got to party with her friends... aren't they cute?
Julia was pretty sad about missing her class party, but after getting a few calories in her she felt good enough to enjoy the flowers Daddy brought home. She especially loved that hers were white laced with crimson. (Never forget that this child's a Bama fan!) 
 Audrey loved her flowers too.
 Audrey was thrilled to pose for me all afternoon. Here she is with her box of chocolates.
... and with her heart shaped cake.
...and again because I wasn't too thrilled with the original facial expression. ;)
Finally, dear Julia felt energetic enough to decorate her heart cake as well.
Happy Valentine's Day