Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's!

My girls have been talking about April Fool's Day for a month so I knew something had to be done to get the day going!  I started the night before by freezing water in the bottom of their cereal bowls, adding just a thin layer of milk and cereal on top that morning.
Julia growled at me. She's not a morning person.
I also made sure to prep some kool-aid (jello w/a straw) ready for them to drink. This made Audrey cry.  "I'm so thirsty. I was so thirsty last night. And now I'm thirsty again, and there's nothing to drink!"

I'm such a great mom. I prank my kids into crying before it even hits 7am. 
Audrey did (eventually) chill out and eat her jello!
I also safety pinned all their panties together so that when they changed clothes, one long strand came out of their drawers. They both thought this was hilarious, but for obvious reasons there are no pictures of the scene. I highly recommend this prank for little ones.

After school I told them I'd made them "brownies" and had them sit on the couch. I then brought the girls the "brown  Ee's" I'd made and waited for their reactions.

Julia figured it out immediately, growled at me again, and tore up her paper.
 When Audrey figured out what the brown Ee's meant, she threw herself on the couch... again, crying. I'm such a loving mother. I think I deserve Mom of the Year.
Don't feel sorry for them. I did pull out real brownies for them to snack on before too long.

We pranked Matt by taping a "honk at me" sign on his car and pouring some salt on his toothbrush. They got me by putting shaving cream under my car door handles. Not a bad day, if I do say so myself.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break 2013

The first day of Spring Break, it was too cold to play outside, the neighborhood kids weren't around, and by 11am my girls were seriously... no, I mean seriously... driving me crazy. 
 We had to get out and about, so I texted a friend and got permission for us to hide Easter eggs in her yard as a surprise for her kiddos. Fun! We had something to do! We stuffed several dozen eggs with stickers and candy and headed out.
We had coupons for free ice cream cones, so we stopped to grab that treat after hiding those eggs.
 Later during Spring Break, I broke down and agreed to use the tie dye kit the girls had received for Christmas.
 I was pleasantly surprised with the process. It really wasn't too much of a mess. We initially just did shirts for the girls, but when there was leftover dye we grabbed a couple of pairs of white socks, and I grabbed a t-shirt for myself. I thought they looked pretty cute! We wore our new tie-dye shirts when we headed to the park for "family exercise".
I made sure to buy Audrey some new flip flops this Spring Break so that I wouldn't feel so bad when I finally insisted these much loved Hello Kitty shoes be thrown away. 
And Friday of Spring Break we headed to an "Eggstravaganza"  We did an egg/spoon relay first thing.
There were tears.
But the tears dried up and we hunted eggs. There *might* have been an egg hunting strategy session beforehand. 

Afterwards, we posed with "princesses" and rode horses!
 I'm so glad Julia conquered her fears from last year.

Happy Easter!