Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We got back this evening from a nice few days in Jackson. I don't know if it's because they have been away from home for awhile or if it's b/c of the 7+ hour car trip, but the girls are always funny to watch during the first few minutes after returning from a trip. Tonight, Audrey wandered from room to room with a toy in each hand and a huge grin on her face, all while sporadically giggling. Julia stayed outside to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather. She walked up and down the driveway with her umbrella open pretending that it was raining.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Since we're in the process of looking to move, Matt and I have been talking about where we would prefer to live if given the choice. I think we've decided that the 'perfect' place would be in the Nashville area. Not too bad of a day trip, an EASY weekend trip, yet still far enough away that people wouldn't stop by all the time as they were driving around town - or worse, expect US to drop by all the time :) Plus, we just like the city - definitely the nicest "big" city in TN. Anyways, it really matters not where our 'perfect' place is, Matt has a good number of resumes out there and I don't think a single one is in the greater Nashville area! We'll see... we'll see!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road Trip

when? tomorrow

translation: "hey everybody. I'll see you in Jackson."

ahhh family visits at the drop of a hat - the joy of having lots of spare time :)

our 'wonderful' summer

the following is a picture of a picture - it doesn't look so great

As I was turning out lamps last night, I stopped to examine a collage I had made of Audrey. (No, I didn't spend extra to have it made... perish the thought! ... I had a coupon for a free one.) Anyways, as I was looking at these pictures, one phrase kept echoing through my mind. "What a wonderful summer; I'm going to miss it." Aww. Nice thought, right? What a wonderful summer, what a wonderful summer, what a ... WAIT.... WHAT??

It hasn't been a wonderful summer. It's been a summer that went downhill June 17th (i think) and went on for a few weeks with a lot of stress, a lot of frustrations, a lot of tears (some of them shed in public - oh, i still cringe remembering that night.) The climax of this not wonderful summer, was Matt's resignation. This event was then followed by 4 weeks of awkwardness. Now, we've ended the summer with a time of uncertainty, a time of worry, a time of BOREDOM. So, why would my mind automatically come up with 'wonderful' as the adjective of choice for this summer??

Perhaps, because I got to spend this summer with the 2 most amazing little girls I could ever have wanted, and how could a summer full of so many laughing smiles and slobbery kisses be described as anything less than 'wonderful?'

Monday, September 21, 2009

the family table

As frustrating as this job search can be, I will definitely look back on this time and love remembering how often we got to share meals together. Never before and, most likely, never again will be able to eat at least 2 meals a day, EVERY DAY, all at the same table.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

our weekend:

Yesterday was the TN/FL game and I really wanted pictures of us all decked out in our gear, but alas, it didn't happen. Julia flat out refused to put on her brand new Tebow jersey, she had to wear a Hannah one instead (shock shock.) I also tried to get a picture of just me and matt in our opposing team wear - but with julia as our photographer, the photos weren't quite what i had hoped. oh well, maybe next weekend.

We did try to go a little more hard core on Audrey reguarding her use of paci's. Now we are strictly "only in the bed" paci users. That was supposed to be the rule once she hit 12 months, but - well- umm- uhh- we were rather lazy UNTIL NOW. But that was no problem for her. Paci's only in bed...ok... I'll just try climbing in!

Another adorable thing that our wonderful 18month old has been doing lately is kissing herself. We have a photo of Audrey on the wall above the changing table. Lately, during a changing it has been Audrey's goal to jump up whenever we don't have hold of her to stand up and kiss that picture. We've taken a video of it and pictures too. However, she usually does this before the clean diaper has been put on... so... many photos i'm half afraid to have printed much less put on the internet. Here's one that i cropped a bit.

We went to Cascade again. Today was the first day we parked in the far parking lot, and therefore, had to take the shuttle to the church building. Audrey loved sitting all by herself in her own little seat - i think she was also rather overwhelmed by it.

And Julia just kept saying, "we no have to wear seatbelts!"

other than this, we've been busying ourselves with 1)wonderful games of hide-and-seek (audrey is a MUCH better hide-and-seek player than julia.) 2) watching the Hannah movie (we've got our dance routines down!) and 3) working on Julia's 'school book' - she loves the cutting/gluing pages
Job hunt is still going. He had a phone interview last week with a SC church and there was a church in NC that requested a cd from him today... but nothing (yet) serious. We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just to share...

our paintings:

Julia's - she titled it "Fancy Day"

enjoying the nice weather

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what's new

I'm pretty confident that I'm actually going to give people the link to this blog today, so I thought I'd add a few pics that showcase what's been going on at our house lately...
Here we are enjoying a popsicle right after we'd finger painted. It was (ahem) a little messy.

and Julia and I got to spend a little one-on-one time, part of the day included sharing a blue slushee

both girls are loving the diving board

matt's not washing his left hand after his 2 high-5's with Tim Tebow

Julia has decided that she no longer wants her hair "plain." Now she asks for pigtails.

Audrey is showing more and more interest in being a "Big Girl."

Good Times, Good Times!! Now, if you'll excuse me - I'm going to post this and then get up and dance the "Hoedown Throwdown" with my girls. Thanks for those that are checking out the blog. It's rather nerve racking to let people read this!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I got to chat (via computer) with Katie Penny tonight. Thanks to facebook, I'm actually in touch with some of these people (definitely KTP included) that were once so very important to me. Yikes - that sounds almost as if I'm saying that these people are no longer important - which is untrue... they just aren't a part of my day to day life.
OK, so now that I've rambled... I got to chat with KTP tonight. She's so funny. So much quicker and more humorous than I have ever hoped to be. It was rather nice to laugh out loud and remember the wonderfulness of an old friend.
It sounds odd - but I just don't have many friends right now. Moving around every couple of years - and having matt in a church job where so many of the people you know view themselves as your employer limits the connections that are made. Plus there's the fact that we can't go anywhere that interferes with nap or bed time... The close girlfriends that I enjoyed having during high school and at MC just aren't apart of my life right now. Anyways, i don't want to totally complain. I'm crazy fortunate in life!!! I just wanted to share why it was so nice to talk with Katie.