Sunday, September 20, 2009

our weekend:

Yesterday was the TN/FL game and I really wanted pictures of us all decked out in our gear, but alas, it didn't happen. Julia flat out refused to put on her brand new Tebow jersey, she had to wear a Hannah one instead (shock shock.) I also tried to get a picture of just me and matt in our opposing team wear - but with julia as our photographer, the photos weren't quite what i had hoped. oh well, maybe next weekend.

We did try to go a little more hard core on Audrey reguarding her use of paci's. Now we are strictly "only in the bed" paci users. That was supposed to be the rule once she hit 12 months, but - well- umm- uhh- we were rather lazy UNTIL NOW. But that was no problem for her. Paci's only in bed...ok... I'll just try climbing in!

Another adorable thing that our wonderful 18month old has been doing lately is kissing herself. We have a photo of Audrey on the wall above the changing table. Lately, during a changing it has been Audrey's goal to jump up whenever we don't have hold of her to stand up and kiss that picture. We've taken a video of it and pictures too. However, she usually does this before the clean diaper has been put on... so... many photos i'm half afraid to have printed much less put on the internet. Here's one that i cropped a bit.

We went to Cascade again. Today was the first day we parked in the far parking lot, and therefore, had to take the shuttle to the church building. Audrey loved sitting all by herself in her own little seat - i think she was also rather overwhelmed by it.

And Julia just kept saying, "we no have to wear seatbelts!"

other than this, we've been busying ourselves with 1)wonderful games of hide-and-seek (audrey is a MUCH better hide-and-seek player than julia.) 2) watching the Hannah movie (we've got our dance routines down!) and 3) working on Julia's 'school book' - she loves the cutting/gluing pages
Job hunt is still going. He had a phone interview last week with a SC church and there was a church in NC that requested a cd from him today... but nothing (yet) serious. We'll keep you posted.

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