Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of school - 2014

Check it out - NO UNIFORMS!!!
Audrey started 1st grade!
Julia started 3rd grade! She has a homeroom teacher, but this year she'll be switching rooms for 3 of her 5 classes. It seems a little young to do that at age 8, but we'll see...
They had a decent day. Audrey said that she kind of made a friend named Olivia, but they couldn't play on the playground b/c Olivia's "old best friend" kept telling her not to. :(  Julia said she met a friend too but couldn't remember her name.
After a good night's sleep, they got ready for Day 2. We took pictures again to show off some new shirts they received from Mammy.
...and Audrey took over with a modeling session...
I hope they play with a new friend or 2 today, and maybe they'll even both remember their friend's names!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Just being honest

Anxiety is a real thing for me. Seemingly endless fears, tears, and consequently insomnia have consumed me lately, but I swear I'm trying to control it. Yesterday was a fight to keep tears controlled ALL night long and I wasn't too successful. As for today, I thought I was doing pretty well, but then I developed hives tonight. At least I think they're stress related hives (another thing to worry about...)

It might be all in my head, but that doesn't make it any less of a problem.  I sure wish I'd written more down about my anxiousness when we moved last time because I know I struggled.  I just wish I knew how long the really bad part lasted. I know that my extreme worries cropped up sporadically even after that first summer, but I remember vividly that May and June 2010 were crippling to me emotionally. When did I calm down and get left with only a dull roar of worry? I'm ready for a calm mind again. I'm trying. Really.

I'm not looking forward to a quiet house Monday when the girls start school. Although, I do look forward to the end of the uncertainty about how they'll adjust to this part of our moving adventure. I'm pretty confident they'll make friends quickly and do well with their work. They've loved school previously.

Here are a few idea I have to keep from losing my mind in the silence that I'll be greeted with Monday.
 * I plan to start exercising again. I haven't done much of anything since we moved and this should help with my stress.
 * I plan to (usually) have dinner prepped and ready to go for the night before the girls get home. I want to double a recipe a week and freeze it for a busier day.
 * I plan to get our house in better order. (I'm really bad at this... Our craft closet looks like, well, it looks like  a craft closet threw up)
 * I plan to head up to church to help Matt and to play a little piano.
 * I plan to not grocery shop with kiddos in tow for a long time.
 * I plan on starting a craft project I've been thinking about for months.

If you're still reading this, thanks. I appreciate you taking the time to hear me out, and I'd be extra appreciative if you prayed for me. I need it.