Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of school - 2014

Check it out - NO UNIFORMS!!!
Audrey started 1st grade!
Julia started 3rd grade! She has a homeroom teacher, but this year she'll be switching rooms for 3 of her 5 classes. It seems a little young to do that at age 8, but we'll see...
They had a decent day. Audrey said that she kind of made a friend named Olivia, but they couldn't play on the playground b/c Olivia's "old best friend" kept telling her not to. :(  Julia said she met a friend too but couldn't remember her name.
After a good night's sleep, they got ready for Day 2. We took pictures again to show off some new shirts they received from Mammy.
...and Audrey took over with a modeling session...
I hope they play with a new friend or 2 today, and maybe they'll even both remember their friend's names!!!

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