Friday, September 30, 2011

Blessings 271-280!

271. Beautiful fall weather. We're heading to the beach tomorrow for a nice afternoon!

272. Kids Club. (Actually, it’s called Kids Klub, but I refuse…) I’ve been volunteering this year to help with a Christian club that meets at Julia’s school one morning a week. All I do is lead a few songs and help with crowd control, but I’m enjoying my time there.

273. Sisterly bonds.

The girls aren’t allowed to sleep together on school nights. However, if one falls asleep the other is allowed to move next to her. They wind up together nearly every night b/c of this. I’d provide a picture of them sleeping next to each other, but they tend to sleep without pajamas.

... Come to think of it, they do pretty much everything without clothes on. Hmm... is this strange? Perhaps, we should be more strict about clothes wearing at our home. Please notice the strategically placed hand and book in the next 2 pics. :)

274. I’m blessed that Julia enjoys doing her homework (most of the time)

275. Seeing Audrey cuddling with her Daddy.

276. Going to school and sitting with Julia while she ate lunch today… just because.

277. Handmedowns we received this week. We now have plenty of dresses for Julia the next couple of summers! (Assuming she bothers to put any clothes on!) They’re so cute, and some still had the tags on them. One of my coworkers gave them to us. Thank you so much!

278. A good looking 1st haircut – Audrey had her haircut for the first time last Saturday. I did it myself, and I must say it turned out looking good despite her moving around A LOT!

279. Julia taking photos and video of the first haircut since Matt was away for the weekend. I would love to post some of those pictures, but... well... you guessed it, AKB wasn't wearing any clothes.

280. Delicious desserts. We had pumpkin cheesecake last night (and there's more in the refrigerator for tonight!) and the girls split this snow cone at a local festival recently.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I felt very old today when my kid came home with her first "progress report".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Friday nights in the South just don't feel complete without a high school football game to attend.

And because I'm a true fashion diva, my hair looks fabulous and I'm wearing plaid. Be jealous of my style. Be jealous.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Kindergarten "Project"

Julia has homework to do regularly, but last weekend was Julia's first little project that she had to complete for school, an "All About Me Tee."

I printed off applicable logos for her to cut out and glue on. She also painted, markered, and stickered the paper up a good bit for color. The one thing I'm second guessing myself on is helping her write some of the words in that middle part. I might not should have "helped" her so much, but Julia just can't write small enough yet to fit those words in the provided space.

Place to eat: Chick-fil-a
Visit: Tennessee and Kangarooz
Thing to do at home: eat and play with dollhouse
Thing to do at school: p.e. and math
Thing to do in the community: go to church and library
Food: taco's
Song: Derek and the Dominos' "Layla".
Movie: Tangled
Book: Berenstain Bears

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Counting while worrying...

I've been worrying about stuff lately (because that's just what I do best) so I'm turning some of those worries into recognized blessings. Here we go.

261. My weather worries aren't currently about our safety. Yes, I'm already bailing water off our porch and clearing closets that have a history of flooding (lovely), but potentially losing "stuff" to Tropical Storm Lee doesn't give me a near panic attack like tornado warnings do.

262. A break in the rainfall at this moment.
263. A 3 day weekend with little to do (other than bail water off the porch)

264. The feeling of camaraderie I feel when wearing TN orange on game day. I'm not near many other Vols fans, but knowing family is wearing orange too makes me feel good.
265. More than expected in my paychecks last month. This isn't supposed to continue, but it's great to have for August!

266. Julia's pride in showing us around her school during Open House Thursday. On an annoying note: I made sure to bring my camera with me to take pics of Julia in her room (since I forgot on the first day) but GUESS WHAT! I forgot to take any pictures! Cameras serve no purpose if they just stay in mom's purse! grrrr....

267. Girls willing to pose for a picture when I asked. We're ready for game day! Although Julia's already taken her jersey off... "it's itchy"

268. The huge hug Audrey gave Julia immediately after this picture was taken. I might not should mention that Julia whined and cried while receiving this big huge hug.
269. TS Lee not (yet?) interfering with our College Football viewing.
270. Free Kindergarten and preschool learning games available on the computer. I have a feeling we will be using these alot during this very wet 3 day weekend.