Friday, September 30, 2011

Blessings 271-280!

271. Beautiful fall weather. We're heading to the beach tomorrow for a nice afternoon!

272. Kids Club. (Actually, it’s called Kids Klub, but I refuse…) I’ve been volunteering this year to help with a Christian club that meets at Julia’s school one morning a week. All I do is lead a few songs and help with crowd control, but I’m enjoying my time there.

273. Sisterly bonds.

The girls aren’t allowed to sleep together on school nights. However, if one falls asleep the other is allowed to move next to her. They wind up together nearly every night b/c of this. I’d provide a picture of them sleeping next to each other, but they tend to sleep without pajamas.

... Come to think of it, they do pretty much everything without clothes on. Hmm... is this strange? Perhaps, we should be more strict about clothes wearing at our home. Please notice the strategically placed hand and book in the next 2 pics. :)

274. I’m blessed that Julia enjoys doing her homework (most of the time)

275. Seeing Audrey cuddling with her Daddy.

276. Going to school and sitting with Julia while she ate lunch today… just because.

277. Handmedowns we received this week. We now have plenty of dresses for Julia the next couple of summers! (Assuming she bothers to put any clothes on!) They’re so cute, and some still had the tags on them. One of my coworkers gave them to us. Thank you so much!

278. A good looking 1st haircut – Audrey had her haircut for the first time last Saturday. I did it myself, and I must say it turned out looking good despite her moving around A LOT!

279. Julia taking photos and video of the first haircut since Matt was away for the weekend. I would love to post some of those pictures, but... well... you guessed it, AKB wasn't wearing any clothes.

280. Delicious desserts. We had pumpkin cheesecake last night (and there's more in the refrigerator for tonight!) and the girls split this snow cone at a local festival recently.

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