Saturday, July 23, 2011

241. Using a salon gift certificate for my first pedicure. :) I was thrilled to try this, but seeing as how I hate people touching my feet I don't think I'll be getting these often or ever!
242. The coolness of a summer shower.

243. Pictures of sisterly love.

244. A very cool day (for July) to enjoy outside play this week.
245. The girls were on the platform of the playground Friday when I overheard Julia tell Audrey, "I love you the most." She followed it with a long hug. I about cried. Adorable.

246. Matt getting to go off for a short, 2 day mission trip.
247. The extra appreciation I have for what Matt does around here that I always feel after he's been away, even if only for a couple of days.
248. Realizing that I miss Matt's company just as much today when he's gone as I did 10 years ago during our time spent apart.

249. Getting Julia to the bathroom in time... Once every 2 or 3 months Julia will wake up crying heartily. Sometimes she seems awake, sometimes not and often there is no controlling her cries. I'm not sure if this is a night terror or what, but what I do know is that if I don't remember to make her go to the bathroom during the middle of the crying - I am likely to regret it. Tonight, I remembered.
250. Audrey getting a kick out of talking about how long her hair is getting. She'll brush it with her hand and say it's like Rapunzel's.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pictures of Eli

Give our family a camera and a sweet baby boy and we can entertain ourselves for a good while!

Blessings 231- 240:
- Fun times with Cousin Eli.
- Safe travel for our many summer road trips.
- Plenty of Karen Kingsbury and Debbie Macomber books checked out from the library to entertain me during long car rides.
- Free Chick-Fil-A meals for the 4 of us on Cow Appreciation Day. I sure wish we'd taken pictures of our cow costumes!!
- Nighttime calm and quiet!
- A great worship band at church.
- Visit with Phenix City friends.
- Excitement in Julia's voice when she picked out her new lunchbox, "Look, Mommy, it has peace signs!"
- Excitement on Audrey's face as she gleefully picked out a lunchbox identical to Julia's!
- Peace in remembering God's in control of things I feel are out of control.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since I posted next to nothing in June, here's a rundown of events.

- Matt and I spent a week chaperoning youth camp. The girls spent a week in Jackson visiting grandparents.
- The week afterwards Matt and I celebrated anniversary #8!
- The girls and I spent a week in mid-June in TN to attend my cousin's wedding. I was also able to see my brother and sister-in-law for the first time in 14 months!!

Since I'm at a real loss for words, I'm glad I have pictures to share.

Jada's wedding cupcakes were delicious... and had sky high icing!

A must have picture of me and my brother. It better not be another 14 months before I see him again!

The Monday after the wedding VBS began at our church. Julia was asked to hold the Bible one day during the pledges. She turned and just stared at me the entire time. She also just stood onstage during the family night concert. Typically, she's a showoff onstage but said there were just too many people there this time.
Here is Audrey painting skyscrapers with some of her friends. Below that is a class picture. I taught the 2&3 year old teacher kids.