Saturday, July 23, 2011

241. Using a salon gift certificate for my first pedicure. :) I was thrilled to try this, but seeing as how I hate people touching my feet I don't think I'll be getting these often or ever!
242. The coolness of a summer shower.

243. Pictures of sisterly love.

244. A very cool day (for July) to enjoy outside play this week.
245. The girls were on the platform of the playground Friday when I overheard Julia tell Audrey, "I love you the most." She followed it with a long hug. I about cried. Adorable.

246. Matt getting to go off for a short, 2 day mission trip.
247. The extra appreciation I have for what Matt does around here that I always feel after he's been away, even if only for a couple of days.
248. Realizing that I miss Matt's company just as much today when he's gone as I did 10 years ago during our time spent apart.

249. Getting Julia to the bathroom in time... Once every 2 or 3 months Julia will wake up crying heartily. Sometimes she seems awake, sometimes not and often there is no controlling her cries. I'm not sure if this is a night terror or what, but what I do know is that if I don't remember to make her go to the bathroom during the middle of the crying - I am likely to regret it. Tonight, I remembered.
250. Audrey getting a kick out of talking about how long her hair is getting. She'll brush it with her hand and say it's like Rapunzel's.

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  1. Is that synchronized rain walking in the first picture?