Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pictures of Eli

Give our family a camera and a sweet baby boy and we can entertain ourselves for a good while!

Blessings 231- 240:
- Fun times with Cousin Eli.
- Safe travel for our many summer road trips.
- Plenty of Karen Kingsbury and Debbie Macomber books checked out from the library to entertain me during long car rides.
- Free Chick-Fil-A meals for the 4 of us on Cow Appreciation Day. I sure wish we'd taken pictures of our cow costumes!!
- Nighttime calm and quiet!
- A great worship band at church.
- Visit with Phenix City friends.
- Excitement in Julia's voice when she picked out her new lunchbox, "Look, Mommy, it has peace signs!"
- Excitement on Audrey's face as she gleefully picked out a lunchbox identical to Julia's!
- Peace in remembering God's in control of things I feel are out of control.

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