Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Since I posted next to nothing in June, here's a rundown of events.

- Matt and I spent a week chaperoning youth camp. The girls spent a week in Jackson visiting grandparents.
- The week afterwards Matt and I celebrated anniversary #8!
- The girls and I spent a week in mid-June in TN to attend my cousin's wedding. I was also able to see my brother and sister-in-law for the first time in 14 months!!

Since I'm at a real loss for words, I'm glad I have pictures to share.

Jada's wedding cupcakes were delicious... and had sky high icing!

A must have picture of me and my brother. It better not be another 14 months before I see him again!

The Monday after the wedding VBS began at our church. Julia was asked to hold the Bible one day during the pledges. She turned and just stared at me the entire time. She also just stood onstage during the family night concert. Typically, she's a showoff onstage but said there were just too many people there this time.
Here is Audrey painting skyscrapers with some of her friends. Below that is a class picture. I taught the 2&3 year old teacher kids.

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