Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a fun time tonight! We headed out to a fall festival that was alot of fun, despite the rain that came. It almost turned into a bust because Julia was NOT in good spirits when we first got there. However, after coaxing her into trying just 1 game, she perked right up. It didn't take either of them long to figure out exactly where to go and what to do in order to get CANDY!!!! After the festival we also went trick-or-treating to a few houses on our street. Then it was time for dinner and bed. The girls were hyper tonight, but they crashed quickly once they went down.

Early Halloween

We've already had a great time this week!
Storyhour at the library included a costume party. Here is a picture of my ladybug and pumpkin princess!

Julia's focusing on the pumpkin book...

Audrey's focusing on the snack spider!

But the best part was that Daddy came to the library with us this week!

(i know Audrey doesn't look very happy... she was kind of freaked out by seeing so many people in costumes.)

We went to Chick-fil-a's Fall Festival Thursday night. No pictures were taken at this event, but we certainly had a good time.
Here's a list of what the girls ate while we were there:
chicken nuggets
waffle fries
ice cream
cotton candy
yikes!!!!!!!!! Are we the worst/best parents in the world or what?

We went out tonight as well. This time it was to have dinner with Steve and Kristyn Pace and their 2 children. (Steve is the music minister at Summerville Baptist - the church Matt resigned from) We had a nice spaghetti meal at their house and followed that up with lots of conversation. Their 6 year-old daughter was a fabulous playmate for Julia, and of course Audrey had to follow on their heels every step of the way! I'm sure Matt enjoyed sitting down to talk to Steve, and I know that I loved talking to Kristyn. It was great to catch up with them, plus I needed the socialization that tonight provided!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

breakfast, presents, and junk mail

Julia and I just shared breakfast while Matt and Audrey slept in on this rainy Tuesday morning. After she prayed and thanked God for each item on the table individually, I prayed and also thanked God for the nice, quiet time alone with Julia. She looked at me and said desperately "NO! I need Daddy and my Audrey too!" ok - cool it child. I'm not taking you away from "your Audrey." Anyways, while we were eating, I asked Julia what presents she might like for Christmas (I know it's early.) She replied with, " Presents are for birthdays." I told her that some people would want to get her presents for Christmas too. (In fact, I've already been asked what the girls might want) So, I rephrased the question to "What new toys might you like to play with?" Her reply, "I already have toys you silly goose." oy vey! Forget it! Later, she did inform me that she wanted "Hannah paper." I soon realized that she was referring to a Birthday Express magazine we received yesterday that has a page of Hannah Montana party supplies. Great! Last year her only requests were a $5.97 Hannah watch and a $.98 toy snake - apparently, this year we could be fine just giving her a few pieces of junk mail.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Okaloosa Island/Ft. Walton

We had a great time this past week at the beach. Our original plan was to drive down Thursday and drive back home Monday. A week before we left, we decided to come down a day earlier and come back a few days later. I'm really glad we extended our stay because the original days down there wound up being unseasonably cold! The hour that we checked in the girls got in swimsuits to check out the resorts "Splashpad" this area included a fabulously fun kid's waterslide. The girls went down the pirate ship slide countless times.

Both girls loved playing on the beach. Tearing up sand castles was the favored activity, but we also spent time attempting to fly a kite and playing in the water. Audrey is so funny. The child is SCARED to death of animals, and the sea gulls that were around freaked her out tremendously, but the ocean?? NO PROBLEM! Our last couple of days there, I would have to stand guard while she ran as fast as she could straight into the water and the coming waves. Julia was the opposite. She barely wanted the water to nip at her toes, but the seagulls didn't phase her a bit.

On the colder days...

we went to the beach and just played in the sand.

we swam in the heated swimming pool.

we hung out in the (lukewarm) hot tub

we visited Gator Beach and got our picture taken holding a little alligator.

I can't wait to see and print the pictures that Mom, Danny, and Jimmie Kay took. We of course had to have a little photo session on the beach one afternoon. I sure wish I'd had my own camera!!!!!!!! (see previous post) Here are a couple from that photo session that my mom put on her facebook.

I wish I hadn't worn that top - but I didn't bring many choices. Julia said it looked like I had DVD's on my shirt and she's right. Oh well. Great times!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh, of course

I'm not quite up to doing a full beach blog, but I would like to mention that our digital camera messed up last Thursday on our first full day at the beach. I got on the internet (JUST NOW... the day we returned HOME) looking up on how to go about getting the lens fixed and came upon a blog that gave some "how to" strategies to (hopefully) fixing it yourself. One of the recommendations was to "turn it upside down and hit it hard against your palm." silly right??? hadn't we tried that already?? but, I tried it and "voila" - the camera that didn't work for 7 of our 8 vacation days is now functioning just fine. GRRRRRR

Monday, October 19, 2009

At the beach...

We have been at the beach for the last 5 days, and it has been WONDERFUL! We’ll be vacationing for 2 more days, and the weather is warming up from the cold front we had over the weekend – GREAT! Oddly, though, I feel rather sad right now. The first 5 days of our vacation were spent with Mammy, Meme, and Pop. a.k.a. my mom and Matt’s Parents. Now, at first, I was a little hesitant to agree to a vacation with 2 sides of the family involved, but it really turned out great – at least I thought so. Anyways, we’ve been spending the last few days going first to the kids “splashpad”, then to the beach, followed by the hot tub and the pool, and then finally to get some tasty seafood for dinner. *sigh* That’s the life!

Now, why am I sad when we still have 2 more days of this?? I’m sad because this morning, the grandparents had to go home. Pre-beach, I considered the vacation part of our trip to be the change in location… trading small town Alabama for a gorgeous Florida beach?? that’s a vacation…right?? However, sitting here typing right now, I think that for me the vacation was a change in our socialization. Instead of our hermit like existence that we are currently experiencing during Matt’s job search, on “vacation” we had 24 hours a day company. Always someone to talk to! Always someone around who cares. 6 months ago, being around people all day, every day for 5 straight would probably have caused me to yearn a time or 2 for a little privacy. Not now. Never did I want a minute on my own. I guess I was just trying to fit in as much company as I could while I had it.
OK – enough whining. I’m at the BEACH! It is a beautiful day! I’ll post pics when we get home.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Packing for the Beach

We're heading to the beach tomorrow morning (this morning)!!! I have been packing anything and everything that I think we might need. I know that alot of the things that I'm packing we could buy down there. However, I don't know how far Wal-Mart will be. The grocery stores that were mentioned to me are Publix and Winn-Dixie, and buying paper products and other such necessities at these stores will be SOOOO much more expensive. Matt about freaked though, when I told him I was considering packing candles. Apparently, my perfectly reasonable preparation for a blackout was too over-the-top for him. I can't wait to see how annoyed he gets tomorrow morning when it's time to cram all of it in the trunk!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Rock Ranch

Yesterday, we headed up to The Rock, GA to visit Truett Cathy's ranch for a Fall Family Fun day. (Cathy is the man behind Chick-fil-a.) We were hesitant to go because it was 1hr 45 min drive, but it wound up being worth it. The place had so much to do that our 5 hours wasn't enough to experience it all. The weather was hot (as in 85 degrees with brilliantly sunny skies - not cloudy/rainy like forecasted.) Coolers weren't allowed, but the food was ok and moderately priced. Best and most important, there was plenty for Julia AND Audrey to do!

There was a perfectly sized slide...

The corn house was Julia's favorite. It's just a small shack filled with 5 feet of corn to play in.

Julia rode this little train, and later, we all took a ride on the larger train.

Neither of my girls are very fond of getting near live animals. This was Audrey's reaction if I stepped too close.

The corn maze was great!

Can't go wrong with facepainting.

Ages 3 and under were able to drive on a small Gator Track. Julia wasn't very good... and I was getting frustrated, so by the time it was Audrey's turn to 'drive' I had Matt go round & round & round & round with them.

All 3 of us enjoyed this large jumping pillow. In fact, this was probably Audrey's favorite attraction.

Playing so hard was very exhausting.... for all 4 of us!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Feed me...

Audrey is hilarious and exasperating. Right now, no matter what time of day, Matt and I cannot walk in the kitchen or through the kitchen without her following and expecting to be given something to eat. If you then exit the kitchen without feeding her, she goes nuts. Just now, this was funny b/c Matt was the 'offender.' When it's me?? .... errrrrr.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Matt decided that he wanted to buzz his hair today (goodbye poof) - the kicker was that he was going to have me buzz it! He's still in shock, but hopefully he'll allow the photos of this event to be released soon. (Julia was our photographer) While we were out there, I decided to trim Julia's hair too, and she was happy for me to post this for the world to see.
It's 12:45 AM and I'm not tired whatsoever. Last night I was up until 4 (although I actually settled down at 3 - but then Julia came in wet...) Anyways, I've always been a night person, but this is ridiculous. I could go into a good bit of psycho babble about why I think sleep is not forthcoming - but I'll spare us both. Instead, I'll just move right on to a few pictures.

We still head outside very regularly to wave at the school bus.

Here is Audrey relaxing one morning - cheerios in hand.

We're heading to the beach in a few days - and are now counting down.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Adults in the land of High School...

Thank you, Lord, for an affirmation that Matt did the right thing resigning. I didn't ask for a little reassurance, but I sure do appreciate it now that it's been given.

No Smiles For You!

Julia - you're a sweetheart, but this whole refusal to take a 'normal' picture is rather frustrating. All I wanted was a nice SMILING picture of you with your Aunt Amy...

Is this a cute face??

No, it's not - and neither is this:

I give up.