Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Rock Ranch

Yesterday, we headed up to The Rock, GA to visit Truett Cathy's ranch for a Fall Family Fun day. (Cathy is the man behind Chick-fil-a.) We were hesitant to go because it was 1hr 45 min drive, but it wound up being worth it. The place had so much to do that our 5 hours wasn't enough to experience it all. The weather was hot (as in 85 degrees with brilliantly sunny skies - not cloudy/rainy like forecasted.) Coolers weren't allowed, but the food was ok and moderately priced. Best and most important, there was plenty for Julia AND Audrey to do!

There was a perfectly sized slide...

The corn house was Julia's favorite. It's just a small shack filled with 5 feet of corn to play in.

Julia rode this little train, and later, we all took a ride on the larger train.

Neither of my girls are very fond of getting near live animals. This was Audrey's reaction if I stepped too close.

The corn maze was great!

Can't go wrong with facepainting.

Ages 3 and under were able to drive on a small Gator Track. Julia wasn't very good... and I was getting frustrated, so by the time it was Audrey's turn to 'drive' I had Matt go round & round & round & round with them.

All 3 of us enjoyed this large jumping pillow. In fact, this was probably Audrey's favorite attraction.

Playing so hard was very exhausting.... for all 4 of us!

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