Saturday, October 31, 2009

Early Halloween

We've already had a great time this week!
Storyhour at the library included a costume party. Here is a picture of my ladybug and pumpkin princess!

Julia's focusing on the pumpkin book...

Audrey's focusing on the snack spider!

But the best part was that Daddy came to the library with us this week!

(i know Audrey doesn't look very happy... she was kind of freaked out by seeing so many people in costumes.)

We went to Chick-fil-a's Fall Festival Thursday night. No pictures were taken at this event, but we certainly had a good time.
Here's a list of what the girls ate while we were there:
chicken nuggets
waffle fries
ice cream
cotton candy
yikes!!!!!!!!! Are we the worst/best parents in the world or what?

We went out tonight as well. This time it was to have dinner with Steve and Kristyn Pace and their 2 children. (Steve is the music minister at Summerville Baptist - the church Matt resigned from) We had a nice spaghetti meal at their house and followed that up with lots of conversation. Their 6 year-old daughter was a fabulous playmate for Julia, and of course Audrey had to follow on their heels every step of the way! I'm sure Matt enjoyed sitting down to talk to Steve, and I know that I loved talking to Kristyn. It was great to catch up with them, plus I needed the socialization that tonight provided!

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