Monday, October 19, 2009

At the beach...

We have been at the beach for the last 5 days, and it has been WONDERFUL! We’ll be vacationing for 2 more days, and the weather is warming up from the cold front we had over the weekend – GREAT! Oddly, though, I feel rather sad right now. The first 5 days of our vacation were spent with Mammy, Meme, and Pop. a.k.a. my mom and Matt’s Parents. Now, at first, I was a little hesitant to agree to a vacation with 2 sides of the family involved, but it really turned out great – at least I thought so. Anyways, we’ve been spending the last few days going first to the kids “splashpad”, then to the beach, followed by the hot tub and the pool, and then finally to get some tasty seafood for dinner. *sigh* That’s the life!

Now, why am I sad when we still have 2 more days of this?? I’m sad because this morning, the grandparents had to go home. Pre-beach, I considered the vacation part of our trip to be the change in location… trading small town Alabama for a gorgeous Florida beach?? that’s a vacation…right?? However, sitting here typing right now, I think that for me the vacation was a change in our socialization. Instead of our hermit like existence that we are currently experiencing during Matt’s job search, on “vacation” we had 24 hours a day company. Always someone to talk to! Always someone around who cares. 6 months ago, being around people all day, every day for 5 straight would probably have caused me to yearn a time or 2 for a little privacy. Not now. Never did I want a minute on my own. I guess I was just trying to fit in as much company as I could while I had it.
OK – enough whining. I’m at the BEACH! It is a beautiful day! I’ll post pics when we get home.

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