Saturday, October 24, 2009

Okaloosa Island/Ft. Walton

We had a great time this past week at the beach. Our original plan was to drive down Thursday and drive back home Monday. A week before we left, we decided to come down a day earlier and come back a few days later. I'm really glad we extended our stay because the original days down there wound up being unseasonably cold! The hour that we checked in the girls got in swimsuits to check out the resorts "Splashpad" this area included a fabulously fun kid's waterslide. The girls went down the pirate ship slide countless times.

Both girls loved playing on the beach. Tearing up sand castles was the favored activity, but we also spent time attempting to fly a kite and playing in the water. Audrey is so funny. The child is SCARED to death of animals, and the sea gulls that were around freaked her out tremendously, but the ocean?? NO PROBLEM! Our last couple of days there, I would have to stand guard while she ran as fast as she could straight into the water and the coming waves. Julia was the opposite. She barely wanted the water to nip at her toes, but the seagulls didn't phase her a bit.

On the colder days...

we went to the beach and just played in the sand.

we swam in the heated swimming pool.

we hung out in the (lukewarm) hot tub

we visited Gator Beach and got our picture taken holding a little alligator.

I can't wait to see and print the pictures that Mom, Danny, and Jimmie Kay took. We of course had to have a little photo session on the beach one afternoon. I sure wish I'd had my own camera!!!!!!!! (see previous post) Here are a couple from that photo session that my mom put on her facebook.

I wish I hadn't worn that top - but I didn't bring many choices. Julia said it looked like I had DVD's on my shirt and she's right. Oh well. Great times!

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