Tuesday, October 27, 2009

breakfast, presents, and junk mail

Julia and I just shared breakfast while Matt and Audrey slept in on this rainy Tuesday morning. After she prayed and thanked God for each item on the table individually, I prayed and also thanked God for the nice, quiet time alone with Julia. She looked at me and said desperately "NO! I need Daddy and my Audrey too!" ok - cool it child. I'm not taking you away from "your Audrey." Anyways, while we were eating, I asked Julia what presents she might like for Christmas (I know it's early.) She replied with, " Presents are for birthdays." I told her that some people would want to get her presents for Christmas too. (In fact, I've already been asked what the girls might want) So, I rephrased the question to "What new toys might you like to play with?" Her reply, "I already have toys you silly goose." oy vey! Forget it! Later, she did inform me that she wanted "Hannah paper." I soon realized that she was referring to a Birthday Express magazine we received yesterday that has a page of Hannah Montana party supplies. Great! Last year her only requests were a $5.97 Hannah watch and a $.98 toy snake - apparently, this year we could be fine just giving her a few pieces of junk mail.

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