Saturday, December 22, 2012

I’m obviously not much on blogging anymore, but I thought I'd slowly play catchup! 

How about we revisit December? (pre-Christmas!) 

*We visited Santa several times.

* The girls sang in the children’s musical at church. They had a good time learning the songs, and Audrey eventually volunteered for a short speaking part. (Julia and a 3 year old were the only 2 in the program to not have a speaking part. As much as Julia likes to sing and talk, being spotlighted isn’t currently her thing!) We weren’t sure if Audrey would actually say her line come performance time, but she did!! She grabbed hold tightly to the mic, turned and stared at me and Matt, and rushed very quickly through her short line “And Jonathan did, make his entrance I mean.” I’m not sure that anyone but the 2 of us understood her, but we were thrilled that she “faced her fears” and did it! 

* Audrey and I enjoyed fun times with our preschool friends. We had pajama day with Santa, and we had a short program for parents. 

*We had fun at a few Christmas Parties. Audrey and I joined Julia's class for their Chick-Fil-A Christmas party at school. And we all headed up to church for the staff party. The girls especially had fun, see...?

Our elf, Elfie, had some fun with us this December.
He lit up the girls' dollhouse... (side note: Matt's a great Daddy!)

And he toilet papered the tree.

I and so glad we have our Elf! He's a lot of fun.
More Christmas to come. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great week in Tennessee visiting family for Thanksgiving! We saw all of our parents, our siblings, our grandparents, and almost all of our cousins! We even got to meet my cousin Ellen's daughter, Mary Peyton! 
With Grandmother Ford...
With Memaw Taylor and Mammy
 Poppa had the girls working out in the shop this week. They made a bird feeder, a mini flower garden thing, and a school bus.
They also learned to operate a few power tools.
As always, we were all over this little cousin of ours, Eli! He's smothered with Julia and Audrey kisses and hugs every time we see him. :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An unusual prayer of thanks.

I haven't mentioned losing my engagement ring, but I did. Early September I remember taking it off in the girls' bathroom to gel their hair and thought I'd forgotten to put it back on. The next night (and days) we searched high and low in that bathroom. I questioned the girls time and time again, begging them to let me know if they'd seen or moved it. I cried. I took apart some of the pipes under the sink (stopping myself before I did too much damage). I searched the garbage cans and cringed for a week afterwards every time we tossed out a trash bag, afraid I was tossing away my ring. I cried some more, and then told myself it was gone, quite possibly flushed away.

Wednesday morning, during our preschool Halloween party, my little ones were lining up to come inside when a parent said, "Wooo, someone lost some bling!" MY RING! I squealed with delight, told the parents about it being lost for 2 months, celebrated with my coworkers who knew I'd lost it, and then texted Matt a picture! 2 months outside, stuck in the crack between sidewalk and grass, but my ring had no visible damage. 

This November, a lot of people are taking time every day to Facebook something for which they're thankful. I'm not committing to doing it everyday for the world to see, but please know that I'm definitely including my found ring in my prayers of thanks. Financially, replacing it wouldn't have been happening, and emotionally replacing it wouldn't have been possible. I know it might sound silly. "Bigger" thanksgivings are for my wonderful family, for our health, for providence in yet another year of home ownership... but I desperately wanted my ring back and days later I still look down at it on my finger and grin uncontrollably. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Julia dug around in our dress up chest and decided she wanted to be a cheerleader for Halloween. Other than searching a bit for a Cheerleader book for her school's "Character Parade" her costume this year was easy.

Audrey wanted a new costume and picked out this pretty dress. She said she was a "mermaid princess".
Don't they look cute with their face paint?
We had 3 days of Halloween festivals. 
One night was extra cold and windy.
By the time Halloween night actually rolled around, Audrey decided she was sick of being a mermaid princess. She went to the trusty dress up chest and came up with...
Dr. Audrey! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun at the Fair

I don't remember ever having gone to a fair before, so I had no intentions of taking the girls this year. My coworker, however, insisted I should. Being a spendthrift, I took them on a school night. $10 a head for admittance and unlimited rides. 
We got on our first ride at 5:01
 Most of our time at the fair we were able to walk right on the rides! Very little waiting! Yay!
 My girls wanted to ride everything, especially Audrey!  That child had no fear! I was the one most afraid. The ferris wheel in particular freaked me out! 
 We ran into many friends at the fair and enjoyed riding rides with them! This little girls is a favorite from my preschool class last year. (Shhh, don't tell anyone I have class favorites!)
The high swings was Audrey's favorite ride in the place! She rode it 6 times and would have been happy to ride it more!
 I brought a couple of drinks and a few snacks with me, but we did buy a huge bag of cotton candy to share.
$36 total spent for 5+ hours of fun for the three of us! Next year, we'll try to go when Matt can come with us. 
The girls got off their last ride at 10:22... on a school night. I guess I'm not a great mom. Fair fun vs. a good night's sleep before school and I chose Fair fun! Ah well!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's been a month since I blogged, but not much newsworthy has happened. We did survive our first hurricane. Fortunately, Isaac wasn't too bad here, but that didn't stop us from camping out in the living room together.
Silly mommy worried so much about Hurricane Isaac. Schools were closed for 3 days, but we actually got to spend a little of those days off outside. 
We've been playing a lot with our neighbor friends this month. No worries, Audrey's shirt is NOT an announcement. It is simply a hand me down that she refused to throw away.
Finally, Audrey tried sleeping in her bed. She even mentioned that she liked sleeping on "that soft thing" (a mattress!), but it only lasted 5 nights. By the weekend, she was in the floor on a sleeping bag.
 Happy September, people. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

1st day of school!

Happy 1st day of First Grade!!!
And here's my sweet preschooler! K-4!
 As you can see, Audrey had a run in with blue toothpaste this morning. I could have changed her clothes, but since I'm not interested in making a good first impression with her teacher - I decided it could air dry. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Summer

Perhaps the routine of the school year will also have me blogging more often than I did this summer. Perhaps not. We shall see.

Julia had her hair cut this week. She thinks it is super short now! As we ate dinner that night she said, "This is my first dinner with my short haircut!" - a milestone for sure!
And, because I can't take a picture of one without the other hamming it up...
Audrey went to children's choir for the first time Wednesday. They don't meet all year, just in the fall to prepare for a Christmas musical. You can see they were working hard. :)
We made countdown to school chains. Tomorrow is the big day! Julia met her teacher, Mrs. Byrd, last week. As for Audrey's teacher, well... that would be me.  I'm thrilled to have her with me this last year she has in preschool. 
 Sorry for the lack of clothes Audrey has on in the picture above and below.  It happens.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

All good things come to end...

The last day of vacation is always sad. Thank you, Lord, for a fun week as a family.
We had a clear Thursday, but the rest of the week was full of seaweed... but not a jellyfish in sight!