Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fun at the Fair

I don't remember ever having gone to a fair before, so I had no intentions of taking the girls this year. My coworker, however, insisted I should. Being a spendthrift, I took them on a school night. $10 a head for admittance and unlimited rides. 
We got on our first ride at 5:01
 Most of our time at the fair we were able to walk right on the rides! Very little waiting! Yay!
 My girls wanted to ride everything, especially Audrey!  That child had no fear! I was the one most afraid. The ferris wheel in particular freaked me out! 
 We ran into many friends at the fair and enjoyed riding rides with them! This little girls is a favorite from my preschool class last year. (Shhh, don't tell anyone I have class favorites!)
The high swings was Audrey's favorite ride in the place! She rode it 6 times and would have been happy to ride it more!
 I brought a couple of drinks and a few snacks with me, but we did buy a huge bag of cotton candy to share.
$36 total spent for 5+ hours of fun for the three of us! Next year, we'll try to go when Matt can come with us. 
The girls got off their last ride at 10:22... on a school night. I guess I'm not a great mom. Fair fun vs. a good night's sleep before school and I chose Fair fun! Ah well!