Friday, November 13, 2009

Some complaining, but a good number of pictures!

*I took the girls to have their picture taken, and walked out with NOTHING b/c Audrey wouldn't smile.
*On the way home, Audrey started doing this...

*I still, however, needed to tan today so I prolonged our trip home to do so.
*When we got back in the car - Audrey started up the screaming again.
*Julia yelled back to Audrey "You're hurting my ears!!!!"
*2 hours later I realized I had tanned too much today.
*Audrey woke up from her nap and still cried at the drop of a hat.
*Something must be done.
*Today was NO FUN.
*How could we change that?
*Ahhh - I remember a recent blog post by Ellen (Penny) Grant.
*Good idea - A movie and cookies.... but since my burned stomach is being irritated by jeans - we'll make this a Pajama Party too.

I asked Matt to visit a Redbox and get this new release

We decided to make balloon cookies to go with the movie. (Already in our pajamas)

We frosted our balloon cookies. (the only one to get a ton of frosting on her PJ's would be ME! Julia and Audrey came out clean.)

We ate dinner, and then we settled in for the movie. (Sorry to cut your head off Matt!)

After 30 minutes or so, we decided it was time for balloon cookies!!!

and apparently popcorn too!

Much better ending to today!


  1. Yay! There's nothing that a little balloon cookies won't cure! Did you love the movie? Sorry you're least the cookies weren't. Ha!

  2. Yes, we liked the movie. Julia even watched half of it again this morning before we went to return it. Thanks for the idea.