Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Haircut

Last month, I posted about a new experience at the Bowman household. Well, today we relived that experience. YES - I cut Matt's hair again! Since I have only done this once before, I pulled out the directions to scan. However, within seconds Matt says, "Let's get this show on the road." Hmm. Really? He trusts me that much? Matt?

This time around I was much more confident concerning my haircutting abilities. I breezed through the 3 different attachments until all I had left to do were trimming around the ears and cleaning up the back. All Right!!! Good Job, VAL! So, at some point during this haircut, Matt asks if I am going to use the attachment for around the ears. Hmmm. Did I use those the last time I cut his hair? I don't think I did. However, the directions for using the Left and Right Ear Tapers are clearly typed up in the directions. I scanned these instructions, attached the Left Ear Taper and....



OK. So in my defense I'm still not sure exactly what I did wrong. I still think I followed the instructions. However, whatever I did certainly didn't produce the desired results. There was a small section of Matt's hair that within seconds became significantly shorter than the hair surrounding it. As soon as this happened, I froze. My confidence had been zapped out of me. I inwardly cringed at the thought of Matt seeing the error. I guess I began stammering incoherently (I really can't remember what I said) because Matt immediately got up to look in the mirror himself. *Breathe, Val... Breathe*

We spent a few more minutes shortening the rest of Matt's hair a tiny bit in the hopes of blending in the mishap, and then just said "ok, enough." His hair will fortunately grow out quickly. In fact, by the time we leave for my cousin Ellen's wedding in 2 weeks it probably will not even be noticeable - especially if I trim up the rest again. Whew!

Supposedly, all of our life experiences should also be learning experiences and I wanted to share the things I learned because of today's haircut.

1. Do NOT assume that Matt will freak out! During our ordeal, he calmly instructed me on how he wanted to lessen the damage done. Since I was still ordering myself to just *breathe* - I needed his level head.

2. Do NOT continually fret over things beyond your control. We 'fixed' the error I made as best we could and then Matt let it go. In fact, just minutes later when he came into the kitchen to make chili - he was humming. People do not hum when they are worrying/freaking out. Believe me on this, I should know.

3. Do NOT ever, Ever, EVER use the Taper Ear attachment. No more explanation is needed.

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