Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mr. Fix-it

A few pictures of Audrey.
Here she is literally running away while I tried to snap a pic of her in Julia's Tebow jersey. Matt says Audrey's in a Heisman pose. The 2nd pic is of her enjoying some banana pudding.

Now on to the "Mr. Fix-it" story...

Our kitchen faucet broke a few days ago. Sunday night to be exact. While Matt's never been nicknamed "Mr. Fix-it" he did head out to "The Depot" Monday to look for replacement parts. When he got back Monday, the part didn't work and during our conversation I realized that he didn't ask for help from the employees there when looking for what to get. His reason was that the numerous employees nearby should have noticed his hesitation in selecting a product and thus have come over and OFFERED their help. Now, believe me, I agree that the Home Depot employees should definitely have offered help. HOWEVER, I also feel that when no help was offered, Matt should have REQUESTED IT! I mean - hello - I'm rinsing out dishes in the bathtub!!

He went back to the Depot this morning... I think it was Home Depot. He mentioned driving the extra 20 minutes to Lowe's during the "employee" conversation of the night before... but I think he decided to stay on our side of the river. Anyways, he wound up bringing home a brand new faucet and was going to stay home with the girls and install it while I headed to the tanning bed. (yeah, yeah, yeah - tanning is bad for you - I KNOW. In fact I swore them off years ago, but I can't help it! There's a really pretty STRAPLESS bridesmaids dress I have to wear Nov. 21 and I still have tan lines!)
where was I??
Oh yeah, so Matt was supposed to install this thing, but of course all his tools are in the back of his car which I so wonderfully had just driven off in.

After I got home, he finally got under the sink to get started. And, I promise (fingers crossed), Matt didn't complain AT ALL about the undersink area being way to small for a grown man. However, after some deep sighs and hmphs - Matt realized/decided that he needed some other kind of tool in order to finish the job. OK - so right before dinner he heads out to "THE DEPOT" for a 3rd time.

I could go on and on and on about his frustrations over the tight workspace, his annoyance at me for not wanting to listen to his frustrations, or his tendency to second guess written instructions. But I won't go into all of this, b/c it doesn't really matter now because....

The faucet picture from above is very similar to the one Matt installed. However, Matt got our faucet on CLEARANCE :) so I couldn't find a pic online.

THANKS MATTHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am very impressed that you rinsed dishes in the bathtub!! I would have put us in debt buying all paper and plastic dishes...and probably ordering pizza on top of it so I wouldn't have pans :)

    I like the new faucet!

  2. Matt's plumbing story sounds like me. One time I went to Lowe's on a Thursday evening for plumbing parts. Since I was close, I went over to the Old Country Store for a few minutes to hear my Plectral Society friends play. When asked to play I told them I couldn't stay, that I was plumbing and had just dropped by aft...er going to Lowe's. One of the guys' response, "Was that just your first trip?". Obviously he had plumbing experience as well.