Monday, November 9, 2009

Today, the girls and I headed to the local Dollar store. The cashier seemed like a very nice lady and chatted sweetly to the girls about Hannah Montana (both girls were wearing HM t-shirts.) However, Julia soon noticed and LOUDLY pointed out to me that the nice cashier was missing something. Hmm, what could it have been???

I tried to just "oh" and "mmm" my way through this comment, but dear Julia wouldn't let it go. I don't remember exactly all that I said other than a quick, "yes, people lose teeth sometimes." I couldn't get out of that store quick enough!

Audrey showed off a new word to Matt tonight. Her favorite book of the week is pictured below.

It's a sweet, easy read that features animals, shepherds, and at the end Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. She's been able to 'bah" at the ram and 'moo' at the ox for some time now. She also can certainly say "baby" when she sees this page of the book:

Tonight, though, she took Matt very much by surprise when she looked at the following page and said "Dada" (actually no, but she associates the male as 'dada') "Mama" and "JESUS." Matt's mouth fell open, and he said, "Did she just say?" So, we got her to say them again. That's right, Audrey can say "Jesus" ('Z-sus' actually)

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