Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After not having a successful photo shoot last week, we headed out once more to Portrait Innovations in Columbus to try again. **Hoping for a sweet shot of the 2 of them together** The photographer laughed at me when I said, "I'm just hoping for 1 shot where both girls look pleasant." "I think we can do better than that," was her reply. At first, Julia was more than willing to smile, but Audrey didn't want to do anything that couldn't be done sitting in my lap. And OF COURSE, by the time Audrey had warmed up to the photographer, Julia was done. She didn't want to smile, much less even sit up. She just kind of sprawled herself on the floor and looked towards the back of the room. WHAT?? Great, photo shoot number 2 wasn't going well either. After lots of attempts at improving the situation and after a clothing change (Christmas dresses this time) that resulted in tears :) we just decided enough was enough.

The photographer showed me the few pictures she had taken and SHOCKINGLY there was actually one that looked pretty darn cute. Not perfect, but seeing as how I had been expecting NADA I was very pleasantly surprised. I was even more surprised when the photographer said she was going to comp me the 40 picture special offer. Really? Even though it was ALL OUR FAULT that the shoot didn't go well? AWESOME! Free pictures!

Later today, I got in the mood to put up our Christmas tree. However, we have too much JUNK around our house right now that some of it has to go before I can put Christmas stuff out. So... I decided to get a carload of BABY STUFF ready to go. Here are the girls playing with these outgrown items one last time.

All this actually just came from the outside closet and shed. Tomorrow, I'll get rid of some stuff from INSIDE the house. So sad :(

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