Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last night I had a new friend request on facebook. It was from fellow Unionite/Jacksonian Meg (Wright) Moore, and I was rather surprised by it. I certainly know her, but I never really KNEW her. You know the difference. I was even more surprised when she later instant messaged me via facebook. Again, we were acquaintances, but I wouldn't have considered her a friend. No negative reason for that, we were just never around each other much. However, in our facebook messaging conversation, I realized that right now we have some major stuff in common. She's a stay at home mom who's husband is currently job searching for a ministerial position. It was rather nice to talk to someone who is in a halfway similar situation as I am. And even though it didn't solve anything, it was reassuring to know that Matt and I aren't the only people currently dealing with the frustrations that can come along with the job search. Anyways, just thought I'd share.

As far as today goes... the girls and I have been working on Christmas decorations. I wanted stuff up before we left for our super long Thanksgiving trip. I got the tree up, and then asked the girls to be in charge of the icicles. Very good work girls!!

Allright, Julia is up from her 'rest' and it's now time for ornaments.
Happy decorating to us!

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