Monday, November 16, 2009


Here we are shopping. "What for?" you ask?

The girls and I spent some time this past week doing a little ministry project. We decided to participate in the Operation Christmas Child "Shoebox" ministry. I explained to Julia (and technically Audrey was also in the room at the time) that we were going to take these shoeboxes, put lots of fun toys in them, and send them to 2 little girls who wouldn't get lots of toys for Christmas. Julia thought this was great. She couldn't wait to get toys and give them to 'the little girls.'

Julia had alot of fun picking out stuff. We got crayons, notebooks, jump ropes, pencils, pens, hairclips, bracelets, etc. to go in our boxes. While we were shopping, though, instead of 2 of each item going in my buggy, Julia kept putting in 3. Hmmm...
"Julia, why are there 3 sets of Tinkerbell pens, jump ropes, etc.?" I would ask.

These are for the little girls, and this one is for me - was Julia's response.
HA! Good try darling, but no.

We packed our shoeboxes.

We decorated cards to put in our boxes.

No photo shoot is finished without a "cute face."

Finally, we headed to Lakewood Baptist to drop off our completed shoeboxes. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my camera battery was so low and this is the only shot I got:
Yay for their first ministry project together!

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