Saturday, December 22, 2012

I’m obviously not much on blogging anymore, but I thought I'd slowly play catchup! 

How about we revisit December? (pre-Christmas!) 

*We visited Santa several times.

* The girls sang in the children’s musical at church. They had a good time learning the songs, and Audrey eventually volunteered for a short speaking part. (Julia and a 3 year old were the only 2 in the program to not have a speaking part. As much as Julia likes to sing and talk, being spotlighted isn’t currently her thing!) We weren’t sure if Audrey would actually say her line come performance time, but she did!! She grabbed hold tightly to the mic, turned and stared at me and Matt, and rushed very quickly through her short line “And Jonathan did, make his entrance I mean.” I’m not sure that anyone but the 2 of us understood her, but we were thrilled that she “faced her fears” and did it! 

* Audrey and I enjoyed fun times with our preschool friends. We had pajama day with Santa, and we had a short program for parents. 

*We had fun at a few Christmas Parties. Audrey and I joined Julia's class for their Chick-Fil-A Christmas party at school. And we all headed up to church for the staff party. The girls especially had fun, see...?

Our elf, Elfie, had some fun with us this December.
He lit up the girls' dollhouse... (side note: Matt's a great Daddy!)

And he toilet papered the tree.

I and so glad we have our Elf! He's a lot of fun.
More Christmas to come. :)

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you are back. :) I'm looking forward to your catching us up. I missed you (and your pictures).