Saturday, September 3, 2011

Counting while worrying...

I've been worrying about stuff lately (because that's just what I do best) so I'm turning some of those worries into recognized blessings. Here we go.

261. My weather worries aren't currently about our safety. Yes, I'm already bailing water off our porch and clearing closets that have a history of flooding (lovely), but potentially losing "stuff" to Tropical Storm Lee doesn't give me a near panic attack like tornado warnings do.

262. A break in the rainfall at this moment.
263. A 3 day weekend with little to do (other than bail water off the porch)

264. The feeling of camaraderie I feel when wearing TN orange on game day. I'm not near many other Vols fans, but knowing family is wearing orange too makes me feel good.
265. More than expected in my paychecks last month. This isn't supposed to continue, but it's great to have for August!

266. Julia's pride in showing us around her school during Open House Thursday. On an annoying note: I made sure to bring my camera with me to take pics of Julia in her room (since I forgot on the first day) but GUESS WHAT! I forgot to take any pictures! Cameras serve no purpose if they just stay in mom's purse! grrrr....

267. Girls willing to pose for a picture when I asked. We're ready for game day! Although Julia's already taken her jersey off... "it's itchy"

268. The huge hug Audrey gave Julia immediately after this picture was taken. I might not should mention that Julia whined and cried while receiving this big huge hug.
269. TS Lee not (yet?) interfering with our College Football viewing.
270. Free Kindergarten and preschool learning games available on the computer. I have a feeling we will be using these alot during this very wet 3 day weekend.

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