Friday, August 26, 2011

Counting my blessings!

261. A built in workout time. 2 days this week Audrey and I decided not to just sit in the car during our wait in the carline. Instead, we pulled out the stroller and went for a 40-45 minute walk. Here's a picture of Audrey entertaining herself in the car on one of the days we didn't exercise.
262. Dinner tonight with a family from church who will be co-leading a Life Group with us. They have 2 young girls too. Those 4 sure know how to make a mess with toys!
263. Little complaining from our girls during "clean up time" following the aforementioned dinner with friends.
264. Plenty of extra food from our dinner tonight to make tomorrow a fabulous day for leftovers!
265. The sweetness of sleeping children (and a sleeping dad!)

266.Good reports reguarding Julia's behavior at school. Not only has she gotten all 5's on her report sheet each day, but according to her, Julia is 1 of 3 kids in the class that often gets to run errands for the teacher. Walking a sick friend's backpack to the principal's office, walking the lunchcount to the cafeteria, picking up cupcakes from the front office, and more!

267. Precious time playing with just Audrey today. My favorite time was spent doing a quick reenactment of Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger and then being kissed awake. We did this over and over.

268. A successful french braid "just like Julia's" - I was afraid Audrey's hair would be too thin, but it braided.

269.Children who are so proud of their schoolwork that they want to throw nothing away! I know a few people who keep EVERYTHING their child brings home from school, but I just can't bring myself to do that! Can you imagine how much "stuff/junk" that would quickly grow to be? Instead, I'll keep something occasionally, but mostly I'll take a few items and photograph them.

270. A birthday party to attend at Kangarooz tomorrow! We haven't been there since Audrey's birthday!

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