Wednesday, September 23, 2009

our 'wonderful' summer

the following is a picture of a picture - it doesn't look so great

As I was turning out lamps last night, I stopped to examine a collage I had made of Audrey. (No, I didn't spend extra to have it made... perish the thought! ... I had a coupon for a free one.) Anyways, as I was looking at these pictures, one phrase kept echoing through my mind. "What a wonderful summer; I'm going to miss it." Aww. Nice thought, right? What a wonderful summer, what a wonderful summer, what a ... WAIT.... WHAT??

It hasn't been a wonderful summer. It's been a summer that went downhill June 17th (i think) and went on for a few weeks with a lot of stress, a lot of frustrations, a lot of tears (some of them shed in public - oh, i still cringe remembering that night.) The climax of this not wonderful summer, was Matt's resignation. This event was then followed by 4 weeks of awkwardness. Now, we've ended the summer with a time of uncertainty, a time of worry, a time of BOREDOM. So, why would my mind automatically come up with 'wonderful' as the adjective of choice for this summer??

Perhaps, because I got to spend this summer with the 2 most amazing little girls I could ever have wanted, and how could a summer full of so many laughing smiles and slobbery kisses be described as anything less than 'wonderful?'

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