Thursday, August 19, 2010

This & That Thursday

* Audrey started off the preschool week with a number of accidents. She had 1 on Monday and 3 on Tuesday. Fortunately, I figured out what her issue was. She was watching herself potty and consequently missing the potty. Our "homework" Tuesday night was practicing to keep her legs closed. Too much info? Maybe. All I'll say else about it is that Wednesday and Thursday were accident free up there.

* I'm annoyed this afternoon. The curriculum purchase I made for Children's Church isn't as complete as I wanted, and the music stuff was even more frustrating. I read, read, and reread the descriptions of these items, and then I had Matt read it and ok it. Yet we still erred! Hopefully, order #2 will go better.

* I'm also annoyed this afternoon b/c two little girls are refusing to play in a room that I'm not in. I can't wait until bedtime.

* I'm excited to catch up on GLEE episodes tonight!

* I've really enjoyed Jennifer (Fisher) Tachenko's blog posts this week. She's spending a week just writing some random things about herself. If you knew her from Jackson check it out!

* Matt and I will have a new nephew sometime around the New Year. His sister is expecting with a due date of January 10. We actually found this news out last week, but Amy and Jacob didn't make their Facebook Baby Boy announcements until recently. We're all excited to meet this little one!

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