Thursday, August 5, 2010

This & That Thursday (lots of pics)

* Audrey's home! I don't think she missed us a bit, but we sure did miss her! Now we're just trying to get these girls to remember how to share!

* The following is a picture of a facial expression that Audrey learned sometime during the last 10 days that we were separated. She DID NOT make this whiny face previously! :) Today she's pulled it out on us pretty much everytime we've uttered the word "no".

* Last week, when Matt and I were out of town, his parents came to watch the girls. I changed the sheets on our king size bed so that his parents could sleep in our room. Well, Julia decided to tell her grandparents that she was "supposed to be sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed" by herself, and they went along with it! Meme and Pop slept in Julia's full size bed for the week, and Julia lounged about in the king!

* Julia and I spent time at church earlier this week working on a ministry project. We were packing up backpacks full of school supplies. Guess who LOVED being given the job of cutting price tags off the backpacks? Hint: It's someone who still giggles with glee when given a pair of scissors.

* My mom took us to dinner in Gulf Shores tonight. Afterwards, we decided to walk in the sand for a few minutes. Nobody fell (ran) into the water so I was very pleased! Here are a few of the pics we took.

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  1. Thanks for posting so many cute pictures. Audrey is really growing up. We missed seeing her again while she was here - was busy with and recovering from a family reunion. Hope to see you all the next time you're here.