Thursday, October 7, 2010

This & That Thursday

* My apologies to Amy, she had requested I take more time and post regularly but apparently I haven't posted in a week now! Time just flew - Sorry!

* Matt's month long bad cold developed into pneumonia. He's still really tired and sleeping alot, but in general feels a little better. Antibiotics were started Monday.

* Meme and Pop are here!!! Matt's parents drove in Monday afternoon. The girls played hookie from pre-k the rest of the week to spend time with them.

Meme helped Julia try on her brand new Arial costume.

Audrey had already received a new Tinkerbell costume from my mom, but Meme "just had" to add this cute hair accessory to go with it.

This is Tinkerbell flying.

* Audrey's hair can be pretty funny when she wakes up in the morning.

* We stuffed Dalmatian puppies this week. This was from a preschool activity that they missed while at home. Guess what the girls calls their dogs? 'Dalmatian' and 'Dalmatian puppy'. Creative, huh?

* Meme's birthday is in 2 weeks. Since we don't live close enough to see her on her birthday we decided to have a party tonight. We had cupcakes, crepe paper (pink of course), squawkers, birthday plates, party hats, and candles! Woohoo! I wish I'd gotten a picture of Meme blowing out her candles, but my memory card was full. Perhaps I can get a picture tomorrow. I'm sure we'll chow down on leftover cupcakes then!


  1. Is that pop up cardboard house in the background the one I get her for Christmas? I love Audrey's hair ;)

  2. I noticed the girls were topless. I'll send clothing soon.

  3. Thanks for continuing to posts such cute pictures! Hope Matt is better - pneumonia can get serious, even for young people.

  4. TO: dtford a.k.a. 'Mom' - hardy har har...