Monday, October 18, 2010

About our week

Are these 2 not the prettiest 2 girls you've ever seen??
What sweet smiles as we left for church Sunday morning.

And, wow, the stylish bows just make this photo even better.

In case you're wondering, I most definitely DID allow her to go to church like that. I pick my battles, and the hairbow battle is not one I wage often. I'm just glad she was wearing a hairband in her hair. Audrey's hair is really thin and still short, but it can get poofy. Can you say "blonde 'fro"?

Speaking of Audrey, she's been having a hard time taking naps lately. I guess she thinks she's too big, and knowing that big sis is just "resting" (i.e. watching TV in Mommy/Daddy's room) doesn't help. I can usually get her to go to sleep if I bring her in my room and take a nap with her (did this today!) but sometimes I don't lay down with her and this happens...

She starts falling asleep at the dinner table! This was Friday (I think) and she would open her eyes to take a bite then close them while she chewed. Then she'd sway, nod off for a split second, jerk up awake enough to grab another bite, and start the process over again.

Since Matt and I chuckled at Audrey's picture with food hanging out of her mouth, Julia just had to have one taken of her too.

And just so you know what the favorite breakfast has been this week...

cinnamon toast with sprinkles

alot of sprinkles