Saturday, October 30, 2010

Parties 2 & 3

Our preschool fall party was Wednesday! The girls had a good time playing with their friends, and Julia loved eating lunch with her Daddy! Audrey could have eaten lunch with him too, but she was weirded out that she'd have to sit at a different table than the one she'd been at for snack. After a near meltdown, Audrey wound up sitting with her friends and just got a couple of visits from Matt during lunch. We didn't dress up for this party, but we enjoyed the games.

Schoolwork from Thursday: Audrey's works are the Rainbow Fish and the happy jack o'lantern. Julia's are the sad jack o'lantern and the fingerpainting.

The party at our apartment complex was today. I volunteered with concessions while Matt hung out with the girls. He snapped a few shots of the girls attempting to hula hoop. The apartment complex is trick or treating tonight, but I don't think we'll participate other than just handing out candy here. The girls already have enough sweets, and we have the festival at church tomorrow night.

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