Saturday, October 30, 2010

You call this a photo shoot?

Our apartment complex trick or treated tonight. The girls were so excited beforehand that we went outside and (literally) ran up and down the sidewalks during a good chunk of the 5 o'clock hour. They needed to let off some energy and it didn't hurt to get them away from the house during a not so pretty Florida football game that Matt was watching.

Like most moms of preschoolers, I just had to take pictures of the girls in costume.

After we trick or treated at just 5 apartments (people we knew AND knew where they lived) we headed back to the house to hand out candy. The girls did a great job taking turns passing out the sweet stuff, but then a few adults decided to act like morons and go out of their way to scare us as we answered the door. Jerks. After that neither girl wanted to answer the door anymore, but Julia did make this sign for me to put up.

It's still hanging there even though we haven't had anyone knock for hours. Take that, crazy folk!

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