Thursday, September 30, 2010

This & That Thursday

** We've been making Audrey throw a "B" (pacifier) away for her (not accidental) bathroom accidents. Sunday, we threw away the last one. She didn't mind throwing these away, and has only asked for them once since. My picture taking skills weren't so great - I didn't even get the "B" in the picture. Oh well, this momma did not go digging in the trash in order to reshoot! We are B free!

** I've got Google Analytics monitoring the locations of my blog hits. (a little big brotherish, I know) This week, I got a couple of hits from Wasilla, Alaska. I think the Palins need to step out and admit to being fans of my site!

** These 2 little girls of mine fight over the same 2 things every single morning that we go to school. Their first fight is over who gets into the jeep first. Julia then Audrey, Audrey then Julia??? It's a battle that all too often ends in tears.

Their second fight of our commute happens as soon as the first fight is over... (it's about a 2 minute commute, things have to move fast to get alot of whining in) At the first sign of the church building they start shouting that they see it. Audrey shouts "I see preschool!" while Julia shouts "I see church!" They then proceed to argue about whether the building should be called preschool or church. Again, tears are not uncommon.

Did I mention that they argue over these same 2 things EVERY morning?? Well, they do.

** Here are some pics of the girls at preschool... err, church? church preschool? preschool church? prechurch, churchschool?? whatever. Here are some pictures from yesterday and today. :)

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