Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prayer time with Julia

Julia's Mission Friends teacher had them make a little prayer reminder to use this week. We've pulled the reminder for this specific missionary out a number of times at bedtime, but so far she has refused to pray for him! Whenever I bring it out, she turns away and tries to ignore me!

Each night, after the 4 of us read and pray, I always take Audrey into her room while Matt stays with Julia and prays with her (again). I think both Daddy and daughter enjoy this 1-on-1 time! Lately, the 2 of them have started counting her blessings. Literally, they're counting (listing) a certain number every night. Tonight they were up to 7.

Here is Julia's count of 7 blessings:
shrimp, paper plates, fish, umbrellas, walls, glue, and clothes

Of course! Those would be my top 7 too!

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