Friday, September 3, 2010

What I did today...

* Our family watched Camp Rock 2 tonight. It was cute (although not as good as the 1st). Seeing the girls dance around to the music was adorable.

* I also spent a few minutes today cutting up my kids school papers. What? Why? you may ask... Well, I needed the extra construction paper for future art projects of course. Glue (stick or liquid) + little bits of paper = entertainment for my kids. We even went ahead and used some of the paper bits this afternoon.

Don't worry. I'm not destroying everything that they make. I saved a handprint of Audrey's to put in her baby book. I probably would have saved the entire handprint paper if there wasn't a gross grammatical error on it.

* I made some awesome cornbread to go with dinner tonight. I think Matt thought they were too spicy, but I thought they were perfect. Odd, I'm usually the one who thinks things are too spicy... creamed corn, green peppers, banana peppers and a touch of jalepenos - OH MY! I'd put the recipe on here for you but measuring corn meal, flour, milk, etc. is just not in me.

* I got some free to me veggies this week. The youth had Subway Wednesday night for dinner. They polished off all the sandwiches, but as I cleaned up I noticed there were quite a few vegetables left over. Did I throw them away?? If you are unsure of the answer then you need to read my blog more often. NO!!!!!! Who can throw away perfectly good food?? I took the tray home. I froze some of the green peppers and banana peppers (remember the cornbread??) and I refrigerated pickles, tomato, jalepenos, and lettuce. Yummo! I've been having some delicious turkey sandwiches for lunch the last couple of days!

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