Saturday, September 25, 2010

Football Friday

Last night, we went to the local high school football game. Audrey had never been to a game before, and Julia was 1 when she went, not in her memory for sure! After walking from the elementary school next door (I don't pay for parking) we joined the crowd and grabbed the first seats we came upon.

The girls enjoyed it much more than I expected. They loved seeing the girls in homecoming dresses, the colorfully dressed guard from the band (neon... lots of neon), and cheerleaders. My 2 also enjoyed playing with the camera.

The one thing they didn't enjoy???
this guy

The mascot came near us and held out his paw for the girls to shake. Poor little Audrey was literally shaking from fear, and Julia cowered in my arms. I completely expected this reaction.

Right after the pitiful looking Bear mascot walked off, the cheerleaders started throwing out stuff and Matt caught a football.

Much arguing occurred the rest of the night since (as I said) Matt caught A football...
We left at the start of the 4th quarter and headed back to the car but not before stopping to look in the windows of the elementary school. 10.5 months, just 10.5 months! We couldn't see anything but hallway, but Julia insisted she didn't want to go there. Some days she doesn't want to go. (I think b/c she knows she's got to get a shot beforehand) Other days she gets excited because she's going to ride the big school bus. The problem with that is that she isn't going to be riding the big bus to school. No way is that going to happen, but she definitely thinks it is.

My, my! I've gotten off topic.

We had alot of fun at the football game.

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